Family Law and Divorce

Times When You Need to Hire an Attorney

No matter how educated or self-sufficient you may be, there are times when you need professional legal advice. While most people know that if you are involved in a severe car crash, you will need to contact an auto accident attorney Tampa Fl, there are other times when you may not realize you should consult a lawyer. Some are happy events, and some are not. Regardless, all examples could impact your future or the future of your families, so it’s best to have experienced professional assistance and guidance.

Forming a Corporation or Partnership

When you want to start a business, there are many options: for-profit, non-profit, corporations, limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and the list goes on. All have different requirements, tax ramifications and liabilities. Some options limit personal liability while others do not. With partnerships, you’ll need to decide percentages of expense liability and revenue sharing.

You Are Accused of a Crime

If you could potentially go to jail, you’ll want to contact a lawyer. The potential impacts could be minor to devastating, according to the type of crime. Whether you will pay a fine or spend time in jail, felonies could deny you the right to vote for the rest of your life and potentially keep you from ever getting a decent job again if you get out of jail in the future. You want to know that you have the best representation, either way.

Injury Due to Negligence of Another

Have you heard of people going into the hospital for a tummy tuck and they come out with an unauthorized hysterectomy or the one who needed knee surgery on their left leg and had their right leg amputated? Those are examples of malpractice lawsuits. From facility procedures to professional responsibility, there are numerous ways these types of mistakes can happen, and it takes an experienced attorney to help determine who is culpable and financially responsible for the damages.

High-Stakes Divorce

Even if both parties agree that divorce is the best option moving forward, child custody, shared businesses, investments and real estate can up the ante. An otherwise amicable split can turn nasty in a heartbeat. Particularly when children are involved, it is to everyone’s advantage to find a way to divide the assets quickly and fairly. The longer a divorce takes, the uglier it can get.

Adopting Children

One of the best possible reasons you could need an attorney is to make a child part of your family formally. You’ll need a family attorney experienced in adoptions to make sure that all your i’s are dotted, and t’s are crossed in order to avoid any issues in the future.