10 Different Type of Lawyers You Most Likely Need

If you decide to sue your boss for breaching your employment contract and you get a lawyer, would you call the same lawyer when your car gets hit by another vehicle? How about when a divorce is brewing? If you’ve tried that, you may, at some point, have heard that the lawyer doesn’t handle the legal problem you’re having, meaning that there are different lawyers for different occasions.


Here are five types of lawyers that you most likely need.


Defamation Lawyer


Defamation lawyers fall under the category of civil litigation lawyers. They are often called libel and slander attorneys.

When someone slanders or tries to ruin your reputation with lies when you’ve been accused of causing harm to someone or their business through false statements that may not be true – You need a defamation attorney. Like most other aspects of law, defamation law can get complicated very fast. It is typically better to hire a lawyer with the needed expertise in a defamation-related dispute.


Personal Injury Lawyer

When there’s been an accident, and an injury is involved, the lawyer to call is the personal injury lawyer. These lawyers are knowledgeable about the system and what compensation can come from your case – if any. Legal practitioners like truck accident lawyer Regan Zambri Long are trained to talk to the insurance company and hospitals to get the optimum support needed to win the case. Personal injury lawyers can handle premises liability cases, medical malpractice cases, and even animal attack cases.


Family Lawyer


Also known as divorce attorneys or domestic relationship attorneys, these lawyers deal with all the cases that affect the proper coexistence of the typical family dynamic. These services include divorce cases, kid custody, spousal support cases, pre-nuptial agreements, etc.

They’re the ones that save you from losing almost everything you own to a divorce. So, as long as the needs involve legal intervene in a family, it’s best to call a family lawyer.


Immigration Lawyer


An immigration lawyer is who you need when there’s a level of permanency to the travel plan or when the travel plan goes South. These lawyers are skilled to help their clients not get trapped into avoidable penalties. Some of these instances include: Obtaining a green card for your spouse, hiring a specialized worker from another country, obtaining an H-1B visa, dealing with deportation, etc.


Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate lawyers provide legal assistance with rights that concern land structures and water or people seeking to buy or sell their property. People often need real estate lawyers to provide guidance or insights when moving houses, moving past boundary lines, drafting paperwork, and negotiating with the buyers or sellers in foreclosure disputes.


Since there are different types of attorneys, it invariably means that they are there for different needs. These lawyers specialize in different areas. While they may all know the basics of every case, drafting the documents, negotiating for the best deals, and handling the nitty-gritty of each case is best left to lawyers in the particular field.