3 Lawyers You Might Need To Use One Day

When you think of working with a lawyer, do you immediately think of being on the wrong side of the law? While there are many criminal lawyers, that is not the only kind of attorney. You could find yourself in multiple different situations in your life where you could benefit from hiring an attorney. Here are three examples of lawyers you might need to use one day.

  1. Divorce

If you have found that you’re drifting away from your spouse, you might be considering getting a divorce. Because emotions are incredibly raw when you’re going through a divorce, you and your spouse might find it hard to communicate effectively. Furthermore, you might hope to hurt the other by making the divorce as complicated as possible.

When you hire a divorce attorney, you know that you’re getting the settlement you deserve. Your lawyer understands the ins and outs of the law, and they also won’t be swayed by their emotions, so the proceedings won’t be drawn out unnecessarily.

  1. Workers Compensation

No matter how you were hurt on the job, if your employer isn’t taking your claim seriously or is ignoring it altogether, you should speak with a workers compensation attorney Oregon. Many employers feel that they can strongarm their employees into dropping the claim. You never want to be one of those people. An attorney will help you get the money you deserve for missed work and medical bills that you have already incurred and will continue to incur as you heal.

  1. Contract Lawyer

Whether you received a new contract for a role in a movie or an NDA from a client, you never want to sign anything without having a lawyer look over it first. Many contracts have confusing, vague language, and you don’t want to face a lawsuit because you signed something that you truly didn’t understand. A lawyer will identify problematic parts of the contract, so you can take them back to the contract writer and renegotiate appropriately.