Cavity Wall Insulation Claims – Why Brits Need To Be Aware Of This

One of the most pertinent issues at present is the amount of homes needing help with faulty cavity wall insulation.

British homeowners need to be aware of this issue for three Primary reasons:

1) There are an enormous amount of homes affected by terrible quality workmanship, and this can and will cost thousands to fix and rebuild, which can come at great cost to the homeowner (compensation is available on a no win no fee basis)
2) Cavity wall insulation compensation claims are in the several thousands in value, with people receiving payouts anywhere between (on average) £10,000-£23,000, making CWI claims a very high value and important undertaking.
3) Most of the cavity wall installations have been found to have been mis sold, this is also grounds for compensation due to the unscrupulous actions of many of the salespeople and promoters of cavity wall insulation as a product.

Cavity Wall Insulation Claims can be the solution for anyone struggling with badly installed cavity wall insulation, people who wish to begin a claim have two options:

The Two Main Options For People With Faulty And/OR Mis Sold Cavity Walls

One option is to go about the claim yourself, this would mean arranging a surveyor to check the property over, the negative effects of the CWI installation, and assess whether or not it is faulty.

Then you would have to arrange an assessment and administrative input from a separate legal firm, hiring solicitors to look through your CWI claim to see if it is a valid case of mis selling and/or if the work is faulty.

The Other Option: Using A CWI Claims Management Company

Cavity wall claims can also be managed fully by a specialist company which handles these complaints.

These companies’ generally have their own solicitors and surveyors they have partnered with making them a ‘one stop shop’ for the resolution of cavity wall issues from start to finish.

Using a claims management firm is a convenient way to get the claims resolved without having to take on a time consuming process and use several different agencies to resolve your CWI claim.

Cavity Wall Claims: Where To Look For Help If You’ve Been Affected By This Issue

If you have been affected by mis sold cavity wall installation then you may be pleased to know that there is help available for you.

There are expert solicitors in these companies who are ready to help with your claim.

What Does No Win No Fee Mean?

When dealing with claims management companies, very often you will see the term ‘no win no fee’ used in the copy, this is due to the fact that most companies operate on a ‘payment on success’ basis, meaning if your cavity wall insulation claim (CWI claim for shorthand) is a success, then a fee will be payable to the firm that helped with the case.

No win no fee is a classic arrangement with legal firms that handle these claims on a case by case basis.