It Was a Huge Tree, Officer!

Looking back, when your best friend invited you to spend the night, you should have taken her up on the offer, but you were in a hurry to get home so you could spend all the next day doing nothing for a change. You knew you were sleepy, but the curve in the road came out of nowhere. As the car headed over the embankment, your last thought before you passed out was that the tree stopping your vehicle was huge. When you woke up, the police were at the scene of the accident and busy arresting you for intoxication. What can you expect next?


If you don’t need to go to the hospital for your injuries, the officers will escort you to jail. There you will be fingerprinted, and you will be asked for your identification. A photograph will also be taken if the office has the facilities. Your personal possessions will be turned over to a booking officer, and you will be moved into a cell.


Whether you have to change from street clothing into an orange jumpsuit will depend on the jurisdiction you were arrested in. Most areas let you keep your street clothing, but the officers will move you into a cell or holding room until you can meet with a judge to discuss your case and hear your charges.


At your meeting with the judge, you will be told the accusations and given a bail amount that can be paid for your release. As soon as you are allowed to make a phone call, contact a bail bonds Harrisburg PA company to arrange for your bail. Your family can pay a deposit on the amount owed in cash, car titles, or property ownership certificates. Once the bail bond is paid, you will be free to leave the jail.


Contact a lawyer when you get home. Your attorney can help you with insurance matters, court meetings, and filing required paperwork. You may also need physical therapy or medical observation after your sudden impact with the tree, and your lawyer can help you find qualified therapists, doctors, and staff to help you get back on your feet.

You may walk away from the courthouse with a horrible headache from the bump on your head, but you can be thankful you are walking away. Next time your friend offers to let you stay at her house in the middle of the night, take her up on the invitation.