John Branca Attorney Connects to His Clients as Artists

Successful attorneys usually have solid connections with their clients. This goes beyond just legal matters. Lawyers bond with clients over their work and as human beings. Handling artists creates the potential for a unique type of connection. Entertainers and artists are often sensitive people motivated by their fellow artists. Understanding that mindset is very helpful to a music attorney.

As perhaps the best music attorney in the business, John Branca attorney has handled some of the biggest names in the industry. More than 30 of his clients are enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The list includes The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones and the Jackson 5. Branca is perhaps best known for handling Michael Jackson and his estate.

Connecting With Dwight Yoakum

As a former musician, John Branca attorney can relate to his artist clients. That connection is one of the things that makes him so good at his job. He relates the story of handling a young Dwight Yoakum. After listening to Yoakum, Branca mentioned that he thought the singer sounded like Buck Owens. Yoakum became excited as Owens was one of his heroes and influences. This helped form a bond between Branca and Owens that went beyond mere legal representation. Yoakum later recorded a duet with Owens.

John Branca – Harvard Interview – “Creating a Connection” from John Branca on Vimeo.

Connecting With Michael Jackson

John Branca attorney has many stories about his connection to Michael Jackson. After “Thriller” was released, Branca began to buy song catalogs on Jackson’s behalf. He acquired the Sly and the Family Stone catalog and several Dion and the Belmonts tunes. Jackson would sometimes be ecstatic when he heard the songs Branca purchased. Their taste in music meshed beautifully, no doubt helped greatly by Branca’s background playing in bands.

Branca accomplished many things for Jackson and describes the acquisition of the Beatle’s catalog the “grand slam home run”. One of the most significant of Branca’s dealing was when he engineered Jackson getting the rights to his own catalog from the record companies.

Attorneys naturally must know the law, especially in the fields in which they practice. But the truly great lawyers also known their clients and can connect on a more personal level. John Branca attorney has used his experience and love of music to form solid partnerships with his legendary clients and become one of the best entertainment attornies in the world.