Mis Sold Investment Claims – How Duped Investors Can Win Payback

When it comes to mis selling there are a range of different things currently being mis sold at large, after the PPI mis selling palava there are new emerging products and services being mis sold, one of these commonly mis sold products is mis sold investments.

What Are Mis Sold Investments?

The phrase ‘mis sold investments’ refers to any type of investment be it pension investments (such as mis sold SIPPs) through to mis sold ISA’s, mis sold pension transfers, mis sold stocks and shares, and other investment products and services.

Mis sold investments come in a range of different types and subsections, everything from investments in foreign land and agriculture through to biofuels, investments in businesses, start up funds and property development.

How Can Investors Win Payback (Redress) For Their Mis Sold Investment(s)?

It is possible to win compensation for a mis sold investment, if it can be proven it was mis sold (legal liability), this is so there can be a viable case made in the courts against the company which mis sold the investment and to build a robust case against them, this is also to check there is a valid claim that can be pursued through the courts.

Using a specialist company which has solicitors who specialise in mis sold investments claims is a good idea due to the fact that they will have many years of experience in handling legal issues and litigation against major investment providers & will know the best way to approach a claim of this nature.

Mis sold investments can be complex cases, as liability needs to be established and this can require a thorough investigation before such a conclusion can be reached.

How Much Compensation Can I Win For A Mis Sold Investment?

Typical amounts of compensation for a mis sold SIPP are in the region of £35,000, other investments such as mis sold ISA’s tend to be less than that figure, however they are still claims with a substantial value, there are also large amounts of compensation for other forms of mis sold investments, such as CFD investments (contract for differences) which enables people to trade in the price difference in financial markets.

How Quickly Can I Win Compensation For A Mis Sold Investment?

Mis Sold SIPPs can typically payout within 3-4 months but it can also take longer, other mis sold investments take between 3-12 months in general.

The timeframe depends on the complexity of the claim and the type of investment, some take longer than others, however long it takes the end payout is usually worth the wait.

On moral grounds it is also important that these unscrupulous investors are brought to justice so they are prevented from pulling these stunts on any future clients, it is in the public interest to protect future investors from these financial predators pushing bad investments.

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