When Sitting In Jail Overnight Isn’t an Option, Try Bail!

You got the dreaded call from a loved one that set your heart racing and your head spinning. Jail was the last place you ever thought he would end up, but now he needs your help getting out, or he will have to spend the night with criminals. Although you know nothing about the legal system, you have watched enough cop shows to know you can get bail to help him get out of that cell he is probably sitting in right now! Before you head out to look for bail from the nearest Lancaster County bail bonds company, you should probably know a few more things about types of bail available to you.

  1. Cash

You can pay the whole amount in cash if you have the available funds. Some courts will also accept credit cards or checks. Beware, however, because if your bailee doesn’t attend his or her court appointed meetings, you could lose the whole amount.

  1. Recognizance

Sometimes the court will allow a first-time offender to be released on his or her own recognizance. That means the accused takes full responsibility for attending all court dates. Usually, this type of defendant is not considered a flight risk or is a minor involved in a nonviolent crime.

  1. Bail

Bail is the most common bond and is sometimes referred to as a surety bond. You pay the company a 10 percent fee for handling the paperwork and then use property, jewelry, or other collateral to secure the remainder of the bail. The bail agent then obtains the release of your loved one. The problem is, if your loved one doesn’t attend all court dates, you could lose whatever it is you used as collateral.

No matter what it is your loved one did, you don’t want him or her spending the night in jail with criminals! Bail can help solve the problem – just make sure he or she makes all the court appearances.