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The Basics of Liability in Uber Accidents

If you are involved in an Uber accident, you may be wondering if you are covered under the driver’s auto insurance. Fortunately, the policy will cover you up to the amount of your Uber driver’s liability coverage. In addition, Uber’s liability coverage kicks in if the damages exceed the driver’s private insurance policy. To learn more, read on! In this article, you will learn the basics of liability in Uber accidents.

Uber accident liability comes down to negligence

If you are involved in an Uber accident, your liability to pay for damages will be based on the degree of negligence on both parties’ part. The time it takes for an Uber accident liability claim to settle depends on the specifics of your case. In most cases, the accident takes a month to resolve, and the settlement amount is often lower. If the accident is more serious, it could take longer. If it involves a large injury, your case will be resolved faster, as the insurer isn’t worried about having to pay out more than its policy limits. If you were waiting for an Uber ride, however, your case may take much longer. The number of people involved in the accident will also influence how long it takes.

Uber driver’s insurance policy covers injuries

If you’re a victim of an Uber accident, you may be wondering whether Uber’s insurance policy covers injuries. Uber drivers are not employees of the company; they are independent contractors. As such, if the accident is your fault, you may be held liable for damages and medical costs. Your Uber driver’s insurance policy covers injuries sustained during a car accident but will not cover damages incurred as a result of your own negligence.

Uber’s liability coverage kicks in if damages exceed driver’s private insurance policy

As the driver of an Uber car, you’re covered for a maximum of $1 million in damages due to accidents. The Uber insurance policy pays up to this limit if your car is involved in an accident while you’re waiting for a passenger. Additionally, Uber covers passengers’ injuries and property damage up to a limit of $100,00 per accident. In Florida, Uber’s liability insurance has a $1 million combined single limit. This limit means that the limit applies to all claims, not just the one that caused the accident. Split limits, on the other hand, apply three separate dollar amounts for each accident.

Experience of Uber accident attorney

In some cases, Uber drivers can be held responsible for injuries sustained in a car accident, and it is possible to sue the company for the damages. However, a claimant must first determine who was at fault, and whether or not the company has insurance coverage. An experienced Uber accidents attorney will be able to determine how much your case is worth. But, make sure you do not hire the very first one you find online. It is very important that you find a personal injury attorney with a vast experience in dealing with ridesharing companies like Uber.