The Size of the Bond: The Factors

If you are arrested, your head is probably spinning and you are wondering how you can defend yourself against the charges. The first step is to get out of jail which involves posting bond. With the help of Sullivan County bail bonds, the process of posting bail can be expedited. One of the most important factors is the size of the bond. This is determined by a judge. There are a few factors that will determine whether bail is granted and how much money is required.

Personal Recognizance and Remand

Not everyone will have to (or be required to) post bond in order to get released from jail. Those who have been charged with relatively minor crimes, such as misdemeanors, might be released on their own recognizance. This means that individuals do not have to post anything to get out of jail as long as they promise to show up for their trial. On the other end of the spectrum, some individuals might be remanded until trial. This means that the defendant is held in jail until his or her trial date. This is only required in the case of capital offenses, such as murder.

The Size of the Bond

If bond is required, the judge will set it at the first hearing. This usually takes place the day after the individual is arrested and booked. There are a few factors that the judge will consider when deciding how much bail is required for the defendant to be released. First, the judge will look at the individual’s prior criminal history. Those with a clean criminal record are more likely to get a smaller bond in order to be released. Second, the judge will consider the gravity of the charges. More serious charges, such as felonies, are more likely to require large bonds than misdemeanors. Finally, the judge will also consider the resources of the defendant. If the defendant is considered a flight risk, meaning he or she has the resources to flee, the judge will likely require a larger bond. The judge might also require the defendant to surrender his or her passport.

Posting Bond

Finally, once bond is posted, the defendant will work with a bail bondsman to post bond and get released as quickly as possible. The bondsman will require a percentage of the bond as payment for his or her services. Then, the defendant can start preparing a defense against the criminal charges.