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Tips for Choosing an Architect

Whether you want to build your dream home or are seeking architectural design services for college campus or other commercial project, you may seek the help of an architect. However, you don’t just want an architect, you want the best architect for your project.


Identify your project goals and needs. For example, are you designing a home or commercial project? How many people will be in the building on average? Identify the purpose of the building and how people will need to move around, so you can plan a proper flow. Identify your space needs, desired architectural style and budget.


Next, you should research architects. Although you can, and should, get referrals from friends, family members and peers, you should also go around the area and identify the architects who built the buildings in the style you like and that function as you want yours to function. Then, look through their online portfolio to ensure they are adept at your chosen style and materials.

Contact the American Institute of Architects to ensure your prospects are members because these individuals must adhere to a professional code of ethics. You may also contact the Better Business Bureau and search for reviews and testimonials online. Look for how easy the architect was to work with.


When you meet with the architect, you should first inquire whether the firm has the time and resources to dedicate to your project. Then, you can discuss your project. You may ask about their design philosophy and common style. Discuss their design process and the design team. Learn about the firm’s relationship with construction companies. Be sure to ask whether they outsource or consult with other firms on their projects.

Find out about the firm’s preferred communication method and the approval process. Finally, ask what the company needs from you to ensure the project’s success. Finally, ask the architecture firm for references. Be sure to contact these references.


Ask each architect on your list to provide a detailed quote for your project. Pay attention to the materials they used, the services they provide and the time it will take. Compare the material prices and hourly rates on each quote. Cheaper is not necessarily better, but compare your quotes to each other to identify any outliers. Consider the the firms’ reputations and references in your evaluation.

Beautiful, functional architecture improves your life. Therefore, choose the best architect for your project.