Personal Injury

In-depth knowledge of personal injury claims

A personal injury claim is a legal document that must be addressed to the appropriate institution if we want to be the beneficiary of compensation to cover the damages caused by an accident. Normally, this type of process, however simple it may seem, is usually carried out under the supervision and performance of a personal injury attorney.

If you have come this far, you probably need to know more about personal injury cases.  Our recommendation is that you do indeed hire an attorney who can make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

Just to give you an idea, these are the most common types of claims and the persons or institutions to which they should be addressed when seeking compensation.

  1. Personal injuries caused by a traffic accident.

Whether the accident occurred in a personal vehicle, such as a car or truck, or in a public transport accident, the claim should be addressed to the insurer of the vehicle in each case, who will be responsible for paying the expenses.

In cases of truck accidents, if they occur within the framework of the company that hires us and the company has been involved in some way, we can make a claim for an accident at work. In the event that the accident occurs in public transport, the claim also tends to be made directly to the corresponding company, although once the costs of compensation have to be met, it will be the insurers of these companies who will do so.

When a third party is involved in the accident and is considered to be at fault, it is that person’s insurance company that must compensate us.

  1. Medical malpractice.

This case is somewhat different from the previous one. The civil liability insurance of the professional involved in the incident will be in charge of paying the compensation, so the claim must be directly addressed to the doctor who caused the negligence and not, as it is usually thought, to the institution where he/she works or where the facts took place.

  1. Dog bite.

If we have been victims of a dog bite, we should know that the responsible for compensating us is its owner. For this reason the claim must be addressed to him. However, there are many dog owners who have their animals insured, sometimes because they are considered dangerous breeds. In those cases it will be the insurance that will be in charge of paying the compensation of the affected person.

  1. Drugs or defective products.

We may have to make a claim as a result of having ingested or been exposed to medications with adverse effects or products harmful to long-term health. In that case, the claim should be directed to the company that manufactured them. However, depending on the case, the distribution company or even the medical professional who prescribed such drugs may be held liable.