Personal Injury


Personal injury cases need to be handled very carefully as they are easily thrown out if the injured party is unable to provide proof without probable cause that the accused party is responsible for their unfortunate plight. Legal representation is a necessity that cannot be overemphasized. A good injury attorney makes the difference in whether a claimant is properly compensated for injuries, if at all.

It is incumbent on the injured party to find and contact a credible legal practitioner immediately after an accident occurs. This saves a lot of time and ensures that evidence is not compromised by delay or tampering. However, finding a good personal injury attorney is no walk in the park. Credible and reputable lawyers are borderline scarce. Most people can afford it, put such lawyers on retainer. They are like insurance if the unfortunate happens. To make the search easy, certain questions must be asked and satisfactorily answered before hiring one.

Are They Reputable?

The reputation of an injury attorney is everything. It is often the defining factor on whether not they are qualified and capable of pursuing a case and seeing it to its conclusion, successfully. A reputable injury attorney should be well respected by peers, the court system, and the community alike. Having such respect proves that they are taken seriously and this translates to an attorney that can be trusted by clients. Detroit personal injury attorneys are among some of the most reputable in the country. With a reputation that precedes them, they top the list for attorneys to hire in injury claims.

Do They Have Experience Handling Personal Injury Claims?

This question leads to so many other related questions. Do they understand personal injury law? Do they have courtroom experience? Are they assertive? Can they handle themselves under pressure? These are all legitimate questions tied to the experience, or lack of, in injury claims. If negotiations break down and the case goes to trial, a good injury attorney should have a considerable amount of experience and exposure to this type of law to be able to handle the case confidently and effortlessly.

Do They Understand Medical Language?

Injury claims are typically rife with medical grammar describing the injury and how it has negatively affected the lifestyle and wellbeing of the victim. If an attorney is unable to understand the terms and consequences of a medical document or doctor’s statement, it will be difficult and sometimes impossible to properly argue the client’s case. A good injury attorney understands medical concepts.

Do They Take Cases on Contingencies?

This is a very important question to ask. When seeking compensation in injury claims, it is important to know whether the attorney expects to be paid before, after, or only if the case is won. Legal processes cost money. Asides from attorney fees, there are ligation costs like filing court documents and obtaining necessary evidence. It is best to get an attorney that will demand payment only if compensation is paid.


So many other questions like understanding the law, negotiation fees, a winning track, and so on should be addressed. Personal injury claims are a fight not for the faint-hearted and the surest way to win is to have the best personal injury attorney in the ring.